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Bingo Night

Tuesday, October 10 at 06:00 PM

🎯 Alright comrades, let's get the Serveri bingo season going! Forget about data structures and algorithms, writing a paper and other mind-boosting coursework for one night and come and play bingo at Bar Freetime. And it costs nothing! Great bingo prizes to be won! Grab this great offer and get your bingo on! WHAT: bingo WHERE: at Bar Freetime WHEN: Tue 10 Oct at 6pm WHY: A nice light activity to do while hanging out WHAT TO WEAR: Overalls if you have WHAT PARTICIPATION WILL PAY: Nothing

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ATK-YTP 2023 Joensuu

Wednesday, October 18 at 08:00 AM

*Ah shit, here we go again! ATK-YTP is coming to Joensuu!* What is ATK-YTP? The IT Cooperative Days, or ATK-YTP for short, will be held in Joensuu this fall from October 18th to 20th, 2023. This two-day seminar event, organized by TiTOL, annually brings together IT students from seven different university cities. This year, ATK-YTP is hosted by the Skripti ry, the student organization for computer science students at the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu. ATK-YTP offers IT students from all over Finland the opportunity to get to know each other and network with industry professionals in a fun way. The event features engaging lectures by several industry experts on the 18th and 19th of October, from 11 AM to 4 PM, in Lecture Hall C1 at the Joensuu campus, followed by evening networking activities. Additionally, TiTOL will hold its autumn general meeting during the event. The event follows the principles of a safe space: The cost of the event is 25 euros per person, with optional bus transportation fee organized by Serveri for those interested. So, change your jeans for coveralls and see you in Joensuu!

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Thursday, October 26 at 05:30 PM

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Past events

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Paintball Battle: Serveri x Hyeena!

Monday, October 2 at 05:00 PM

Welcome to have fun and compete between student organizations in a paintball battle! The match will take place at the Kuopio Adventure Center's old armory field on Monday, October 2nd, starting at 5 PM. The event will last for a total of one and a half hours. The participation fee for members of Serveri and Hyeena is €23, while non-members pay €30. The price includes a semi-automatic marker, overalls, protective gear, unlimited air refills, guidance, and 500 paintballs. Each student organization has a capacity of 15 fighters. STUDENTS OF HYEENA: A link for ticket purchase will be provided in advance to those who have pre-registered with Hyeena. STUDENTS OF SERVERI: Ticket sales start on September 19th at 2 PM in Kideapp. **WHAT**: Paintball Battle! **WHERE**: Old Armory **WHEN**: Monday, October 2nd, from 5 PM to 6:30 PM **COST**: 23€ for members, 30€ for non-members

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Risse jono

Monday, October 2 at 07:00 AM

Hiihohoi and soon it will be time again to find out who survives the traditional natural selection cruise! 🛳️🚢 Also this year, After lecture is organising the traditional Christmas cruise for naturalists from 30 November to 1 December. As usual, our cruise ship is the M/S Baltic Princess, which makes evening sailings from Turku to Stockholm. In 2022, more than 2100 students of natural sciences from all over Finland took part in the cruise. The Natural Scientists' Christmas Cruise, which has been sailing for over 15 years, has established itself as a legendary bilingual cruise for Finnish natural scientists. This year again, cabins are earned by queuing! The queue will take place in front of Lukema and the distribution of cabins will start on Monday 02.10.2023 at. 7:00. For the queue it is sufficient that one person per cabin arrives. Tickets will be sold by the cabin. In addition to the cabin, at least one meal must be chosen for the cruise. It is not allowed to leave the queue if you do not want to lose your place. The number of cabins on the cruise is as follows (Kulti, Hyena and Serveri quotas combined): - E3 x 3 -108€ - B2 x 6 -98€ - B3 x 5 -129€ - B4 x 12 -164€ - A2 x 4 -100€ - APRE (A2) x 4 100€ - A3 x 5 -138€ - A4 x 5 -176€ Meals: - breakfast -17€ - Buffet dinner -40€ - Buffet lunch -36€ *More detailed instructions on how to queue for cabins on the Christmas cruise.* ⬇️ The queue for cabins is in the immediate vicinity of Lukema. Cabin allocation starts on 02.10 at 7:00. The queue will work as follows: when you arrive, take your number from a plastic bag on the table in the "courtyard" of Lukema and at 7:00 a.m. the booking of cabins will start in the order of the numbers. ‼️Yksi person can only book one cabin and one person can only hold one number. One person will therefore book a cabin and meals for 1-3 cabin mates. No sleeping during ‼️Jonotuksen. It is also not allowed to leave the queue with a ticket to go home or anywhere else, but the queuers must stay in the immediate vicinity of Lukema. ‼️Jonottajat supervise each other. 👀 Registration is binding. TL;DR - What: rissejono - Where: at Lukema - When: 02.10.2022 at. 7:00 - Why: RISSE

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Wednesday, September 20 at 06:00 PM

Hi Barbie! 💖🎀 Hi Oppenheimer! ☢️💥 Onko suosikkivärisi pinkki? Haluaisitko asua Mojo Dojo Casa Housessa? Nautitko istumisesta kolme tuntia paikallaan? Nämä syksyn jysäyttävimmät sitsit ovat erityisesti fukseja varten, jotta he oppisivat sitsaamisen jalon taidon. Sitsit eivät sentään ole mitään ydinfysiikkaa! Sitsit ovat akateeminen pöytäjuhla, jossa korkeakouluopiskelijat kokoontuvat saman pöydän ääreen syömään, juomaan ja laulamaan juomalauluja. Sitseiltä ei saa myöhästyä! Myöhästyjille on luvassa leikkimieliset rangaistukset. Fuksisitseillä on tarkoituksena opetella yhdessä sitsaamaan, joten ei haittaa, vaikka säännöt eivät olisikaan vielä tuttuja. Omien juomien tuominen on erittäin suositeltavaa, sillä lipun hintaan kuuluu pelkästään kolme shottia (alkoholillinen/holiton). Sitseillä tarjotaan vain pientä syötävää, joten on tärkeä syödä hyvin ennen niitä. Jotta illan päätteeksi paikat eivät olisi kuin ydinpommin jäljiltä, muistutamme jokaista siivoamaan omat jälkensä. Sitsiliput tulevat myyntiin [KideAppissa]( maanantaina 11.9.2023 kello 14. Lipunmyynti sulkeutuu 18.9. vuorokauden vaihtuessa. Myös vanhemmat Serverit ovat tervetulleita sitseille! Fukseille on oma lippukiintiö. Tapahtumassa noudatetaan turvallisen tilan periaatteita. **MITÄ**? Serverin Barbenheimer-fuksisitsit **MISSÄ**? Lukemalla, Studentian kanssa samassa rakennuksessa, Yliopistonranta 15 **MILLOIN**? 20.9.2023 klo 18-22 **MITÄ MAKSAA**? Serverin jäsenet 10 € ja ei-jäsenet 12 € **MITÄ PÄÄLLE**? Jotain Barbenheimer-teemaan sopivaa, sekä tietenkin haalarit, jos sellaiset jo omistaa

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Monday, September 11 at 05:00 PM


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Campus Happening and City Orienteering

Thursday, September 7 at 05:00 PM

The Campus Happening (Kampusrysäys) starts the academic year of UEF’s students already for the tenth time. The event is held in Joensuu and Kuopio on Thursday 7.9.2023, on the same day as UEF’s Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year 2023–2024 in Joensuu. All students, new and continuing, and UEF staff are welcome to attend the Campus Happening! The event gathers our university community to celebrate the beginning of the academic year with live music and different activities. The Campus Happening works as a kick-off for the City Orienteering (Kaupunkisuunnistus), which begins right after the Happening. In the Orienteering, students will go around their campus city in groups and complete different kinds of tasks given to them at different orienteering points. The evening will end with an after party. The Campus Happening is organised by the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY). **The detailed programmes are [here](**

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Wednesday, September 6 at 06:00 PM


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Tuesday, September 5 at 05:00 PM


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Monday, September 4 at 06:00 PM


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Sunday, September 3 at 05:00 PM


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Wednesday, May 24 at 12:00 PM

The green courtyard of Innofactor's headquarters will be transformed into a festival area in May and on Wednesday 24 May it will be filled with students. Welcome to InnoFest! 🎉 Free for students and recent graduates, the event will feature competitions, food and drinks. There will be a DJ to get you in the mood, and Etta will be the headliner of the evening! During the evening you can also find out about career opportunities for students and recent graduates at Innofactor, as the second DigiStar application for the year opens on 24 May. At the event, you will be able to find out more about the DigiStars of previous years. Read more about the DigiStar programme at []( ⭐

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Wednesday, May 10 at 05:00 PM

Welcome to KuoSec Ry's annual information security event at the CoWork space in Novapolis, Microkatu. The SavoSec Security Event brings together security experts, students and business representatives to discuss recent developments in the security field. The event will provide an overview of the cybersecurity landscape from industry experts and increase understanding of cyber threat preparedness. You can also follow the presentations remotely. The event will feature talks by well-known security professionals Benjamin Särkkä, Aino Kivilahti and Juho Juopperi. They will speak in English and more detailed descriptions can be found on the event website. Please register by Friday 5 May to attend the event. The event is free of charge. The official venue for the event is the beer restaurant and wine bar Malja. Light snacks will be served at the event and during the after-event. Serving will be decided on the basis of registrations. More information []( Registration [MS forms]( Translated with (free version)

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Tour de Tux

Saturday, May 6 at 11:00 AM

Linux education? lisätietoa [](

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Sunday, April 30 at 03:00 PM

Was there still a Server of the Year among the Servers this year? Have you kept your face masks clean this year? Who is the Freshman of the Year? Who is the Server of the Year? These and many other great questions of life will be answered when you head to the Snellmania courtyard on 30 April at 15:00! In addition to the traditional diploma ceremony, there will also be the famous relaxed hanging out, not to mention a programme of various waboo activities. A reminder to freshmen, bring your freshman passports! So gather your bundles and your server and head towards the white-haired wabu people on Midsummer's Eve to spend an unforgettable wabu, it's fun! 🕺 Today's schedule: LoK's wabubrunssi @ Snellmania at 11am Winnahman's celebration @ Wellman's Day @ 2pm (you have to sign up here, link is in the bio and on the Server's information channel telegram). We will head to WabuDeBug immediately after the initiation and start at about 15:00 at 5 pm at the latest we will head towards the square and the ISYY pool event