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Savo-Karjala excursion

Monday, April 29 at 12:00 AM

Have you ALWAYS wanted to get to know the most famous bars and taverns in Savo-Karelia? Is queuing part of your genetic make-up and are the queues for a bucket or a pharmacy becoming too much of a thing? Worry not! Now you have the opportunity to participate in ISYY's annual student excursion event called Savo-Karjala excursio, where you get to tour Savo-Karelia's various taverns for a whole day! However, we will be able to enjoy the snacks of the event already at the beginning of April 4, when ticket sales will start at 08:00 in the Lukema yard. As usual, tickets are going like hot cakes, so you need to be there very early! Luckily for us, this year Serveri is organising a queue party on 3 April from 21:00 in the Lukema courtyard, where we will also be serving hot dogs straight from the barbecue! From now on, Server will be represented in the ticketing queue, and we hope to see everyone who is even slightly interested in excus there, so that this year we can see a lot of Servers at the event. When ticket sales start at 08:00 you will be entitled to buy tickets for yourself and one friend, for which you will need your (and your friend's) name, email address, phone number, subject association and UEF student number. This year, we have received a kind invitation from Hyena for their bus number 3. Please remember to mention this bus number when buying your ticket. - **WHAT AND WHEN**? Savo-Karjala excursion 29.4. and ticket sale 3.4. at 21:00-> - **WHERE**? Savo-Karelia, queue in the Lukema yard. - **WHAT DOES IT COST**? Excursion ticket 20 €, queuing and catering nothing! - **WHAT TO BRING TO THE QUEUE**? Overalls, LOTS of warm clothing, a camping chair/chair, your own lunch and refreshments if you wish, and a queuing fee!

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Eurovision Sits Vol 2

Thursday, April 25 at 06:00 PM

Good evening, the journey to the singing Lukema begins! In celebration of last year's five-way(!) victory, it's time to dig out the jean shorts and boleros from the back of the closet, put on a silver star hat and head for the most raucous of the May Day festivities. Last year's highly popular Eurovision Sitsis will now continue when they take place again on 25 April. The ticket includes three shots of holly or soda, snacks and of course a 💅SLAY💅 jumpsuit stamp. Please remember to bring your own drinks and arrive on time, because we all know what happens when you are late for a session... Hyena's interdisciplinary Wabusafari party in Albatross will be the official continuation of the event, where sitters will have the opportunity to buy a cheaper 4€ ticket when buying a ticket 🥳 To get into the continuation it's enough to show the continuous ticket in your wallet! Ticket sales will start on 15 April at 11:00 and these tickets will be out of stock, so phone for a reminder about ticket sales n-y-t NOW!!! - **WHAT**? Server's interdisciplinary Eurovision Sits - **WHERE**? By reading - **WHERE**? 25.4. at 18:00 - **WHAT DOES IT COST**? 11 €, 15 € with extensions - **WHAT ON TOP**? Overalls and/or Eurovision and/or wabu There will be a safe space policy and a harassment officer present at the event The space is not accessible Translated with (free version)

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Serveri VS Socius WabuPiknik

Wednesday, April 24 at 06:00 PM

Sociuslaiset and Servers have long enjoyed competing against each other, both in weekly exercise sessions, sports experiments and the traditional Tahko XQ beer pong tournament. The Socius and Server wabupiknik and the Valkeisenlammi championship is one of the traditional events of the holiday season, where socius and servers compete in playful competitions, because there can never be too many of them! The prize for the best performing subject organisation in the competition is not only fame and glory, but also a much sought-after touring prize, and this year a little extra celebratory drink to share among the competitors! 🍾 The competition will take place at Valkeisenlampi on 24 April from 18:00. The awards ceremony will take place at around 21:00, followed by free hanging out. On that day there will also be Puijonkatu Approt, where you can go on to as the evening cools down (separate ticket from Kite). You don't have to participate in the race, but you can also enjoy the lovely wabus weather with a picnic and cheer on the other competitors. There will also be other side activities such as beer pong! - **WHAT**: Socus and Server's wabu picnic and the Valkeisenlammi championship - **WHERE**: at Valkeisenlampi - **WHEN**: 24.4. from 18:00 onwards - **What to bring**: overalls, OPM, weatherproof gear, picnic lunch if you wish, and wabumies - **WHY**: For the White Pond Championship 💪 and wabuise togetherness 🥰🥳

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The server's May Day speakeasy round🎈🎉

Tuesday, April 23 at 05:00 PM

🐭 The server's May Day speakeasy round 🐭 Have you always wondered what other servers' secret caves look like? Now you can find out, because the coolest house party of the holiday is here! So get your team of 2-4 people together and join in the awesome secret chess tour 🥂 The idea of the Server's Wabuise sneak and peek tour is to go around the secret caves of the server's apartment in the vicinity of the city centre. These caves will be transformed into a day-long speakeasy, where you will complete various races and collect stamps for your official passports. The event will start in the Snellman Park in the city centre, where teams will be handed out passports with maps. The departures will take place between 17-18 and the lojacks will be open until 21:00. The tour will also end at Snellmaninparkisto, where the best teams will be awarded with a stunning and Wabuise prizes. Registration: One member of each team will give the names of all the members and the team name. If you don't have a team, don't worry, you can still sign up for the round, we will form more teams as needed. In this case, you should arrive on time at the starting point! Runners will register via the same form and will be assigned a Telegram group for further planning. The event will be organised with OPM (bring your own bottle) tactics! - **WHAT**? The server's May Day speakeasy round🎈🎉 - **WHAT**? Tuesday 23.4. from 17:00 - **WHERE**? In and around Kuopio city centre, starting from Snellmaninpuisto park - **TO WHOM**? To our servers 🐭 - **WHAT TO WEAR**? Overalls and something wabuisa. Team members will be taken into account in the scoring! - **WHAT TO PAY**? Nothing at all!

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Monday, April 22 at 06:00 PM

Hello Wabu-waiting student! Wabu is fast approaching and you should start preparing for it mentally and physically. 👖 That's why Server and Hyeena are organizing a light start to the May Week in the form of a hangout, where you can get your jumpsuit ready for Wabu and enjoy interdisciplinary company with board games and Nintendo Switch! 🎮🧵🪡 So gather up the badges, sewing supplies and friends you've accumulated throughout the year, and head to Lukemaa on 22 April at 6pm. There will be quizzes and Wabum-like refreshments, as well as a Mario Kart tournament with prizes for the best scorers 🏆 The event is alcohol-free. - **What**: Wear your wetsuit/play shirts! - **Where**: Lukema - **When**: 22.4. at 18-22 - **What to pay**: Nothing🤩 The Hyena and Server events will follow the safer space policy. If you feel someone has offended you with their behaviour, you can confidentially contact the Hyena/Server board members or the ISYY harassment contact person

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Sunday, April 14 at 12:00 PM

Can you feel the sway of the waves yet? Can you smell the lovely smell of salt water? Can your ears hear the sweet sounds of singing seagulls? This is no surprise, because the VappuViinatVirosta cruise is coming again! The cruise will be held on the 14th -15.4.2024, and this time we're sailing the familiar route from Helsinki to Tallinn, where it's possible to visit the countries on foot. Price List: For members of Epsilon ry, 68€/person For members of cooperative organization 73 € / person Muille 83 € / hlö The price includes bus transportation, cruise in B4 class cabin and overalls! If you want, you can buy the meals separately at check-in or in person, but they are not included in the price. Meals are the same price for all participants. The sign-up for the cruise starts on 24.1 and ends on 7.2. Enrollment is happening in Kide. via api. More information about the cruise can be found on Epsilon ry website at: Partners on a cruise with Epsilon ry are Bunsen ry, Echo ry, Fides Ostiensis ry, Hyeena ry, Iskra ry, JMYO ry, JOS ry, Kotex ry, Kvantti ry, Legio Ostiensir, Mikrovillus ry, Muuvi ry, Nefa ry, Oidipus ry, Opossum ry, Praxis ry, Exception ry, Popsi ry, Retikka ry, Server ry, Script Socius dear, Sointi dear, SusTek dear, Terho dear, Tombolo dear, Täky dear and Varnitsa dear.

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Friday, March 1 at 12:00 PM

Make sure to mark your calendars for March 1-3, 2024, because that's when Socius and Serveri will head to Tahko😎 Tickets will go on sale in January! More info later🤍💛💜

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Mid Winter Sliding Festival Afterparty

Tuesday, February 20 at 05:00 PM

And next week we go again! Buns, jam and laughter abound, 🎵 🎵 Ready for fun and frolic, 🎵 🎵 20.2. we will celebrate the Laskiainen afterparties! First we will have a sledding hill in Puijo and then we will go to Sektor's sauna to celebrate, sauna and pizza🥳. OPM (bring your own bottle), OPyM (bring your own towel), OUM (bring your own swimming trunks etc.) OPuM (bring your own sled/skid/plastic bag). The sauna room is available until 23.30, from where it is a short walk to the nightlife of Kuopio city centre 😛 So everyone is welcome to come with us to ski down the hill and take a sauna! !HOX! If you are coming to the event, please fill in [this]( questionnaire to let us know how much pizza we will reserve for the after party <3 : ☃️🐁 - **WHAT**: Laskiainen afterparty - **WHERE**: Puijo and Sektor sauna - **WHEN**: Tuesday 20.2. from 17.00 - **WHAT**: bring your own bottle, towel, swimming trunks and sled or similar!

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Server's Spring Meetting

Monday, February 19 at 06:00 PM

Welcome to Serveri ry. to the regular spring meeting on Monday 19.2.2024. Note! for Server Ry members only. The meeting will take place at Microkatu 1, classes E14+15 at. 18.00. There will also be snacks and drinks available. The agenda for the meeting is as follows: 1. Opening of the meetting 2. The legality and quorum of the meeting is established. 3. to elect a chairman, a secretary, two scrutineers and a scrutineer. 4. adoption of the agenda for the meeting. 5. presentation of the 2023 annual report. 6. to present the opinion of the auditors. Adoption of the accounts and decision on the discharge to the accounting officers (2023). 7. Consideration of the amendments to the Statutes. 8. Proposals for honorary membership of the Servers' Association. 9. To consider any other business that may arise at the meeting. 10. Closing of the meeting. Note! This text is machine translated.

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Valentine's Day event at Kuopio Marketplace

Wednesday, February 14 at 06:00 PM

❄️Hox Hox!❄️ A Valentine's Day event will be held at Kuopio Market on 14 February 2024 from 18-19.00. Yle Half Seven will simultaneously film content for a broadcast featuring this year's winter city, the lively and snowy Kuopio. A large number of students are expected to attend. During the event, Kuopio Square will host music, a hill-climb, a little-man ski jumping competition, a jumpsuit stamp sale and a student snow sculpting competition. There will also be a limited number of official overalls for the event, so get there early. Welcome! The event is organised by the City of Kuopio, Kuopio City Centre Development Association, Savotta, ISYY, Kuopio-Tahko Markkinointi and YLE. ### Want to take part in the snow sculpting competition? The competition will be held in teams (3-5 persons/team) The competition starts at 16.30. Time about 3h you have to be still sculpting between 18-19 (between 18-19 there will be a Valentine's Day student event at the market) the snow cube to be worked on is 1,5m x 1,5m the equipment will be provided by the organiser the theme of the snow sculpture competition is Valentine's Day the sculpture must be in good taste the team with the best snow sculpture will be awarded a €200 restaurant gift voucher On Monday 12.2. at 15.00 there will be an information meeting for the teams of the snow sculpture competition, where at least 1 person from each team must be present. The information will take place at the campus of Savonia AMK Microkatu (Microkatu 1, D-part 1 floor). ### Register your team for the competition The 6 fastest registered teams will be entered. The form is maintained by the Student Union SAVOTTA. [Google Forms]( enter a team for the snow sculpture competition

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Valentine's Day at "Koppi"

Wednesday, February 14 at 12:00 PM

What could be the best way to spend Valentine's Day? Well, at the Server's Kop in a Mariokart tournament! Kop's Valentine's Day will be celebrated with a Mariokart tournament! The competition is open to anyone who wants to participate, so feel free to show off your skills! Everyone is also welcome to just watch and enjoy the good company! In addition to the tournaments, there will also be board games to play! At the same time, there will also be a Server's Lobby Coffee, so there will be something to nibble on! So come and enjoy good company and an exciting tournament on Valentine's Day 14.2. at Kopi! There will be a small prize for the winner of the tournament! Note! The event is alcohol-free! 🏎️🐁💨 - **WHAT**: Kop's Valentine's Day Mariokart Tournament! - **WHERE**: Server's Kop. - **WHEN**: Wednesday 14.2. from 14.2. at. 12.00 - **WHAT**: Good Server vibe!

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Overall babtism

Thursday, February 8 at 06:00 PM

Save The Date!

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Opening of the barbecue season

Tuesday, January 30 at 06:00 PM

A reminder about the opening of the barbecue season tomorrow! Willow cat white, silky smooth. The spring day opens up, the sun is smiling. Spring will soon be here, and so will the opening of the barbecue season! Come and enjoy the warmth of the grill, sausages and your beloved server mates at the Roundabout Grillhouse on Tuesday 30 January from 5pm. Servers will provide the sausages, but you can bring your own barbecue if you like. Welcome! - **WHAT**? Opening of the barbecue season - **WHERE**? At the bike path barbecue shelter - **WHERE**? Tuesday 30.1.2023 from 17:00 - **WHAT TO BRING**? Your own bottle and barbecue if you wish - **WHAT TO WEAR**? Overalls and weather-appropriate gear

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Friday, January 26 at 12:00 PM

Save The Date!

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Tuesday, January 23 at 12:00 PM

IT-REKRY 2024 Details in [it rekry](/en/yrityksille/it-rekry)-page. Serveri ry, the Kuopio Computer Science students' association, is organising its annual IT Recry Day! This time you can participate in the event at Snellmania in the SN200 hall. Recruitment Day is an event where representatives of IT companies present their companies to students. The companies will tell you about their activities, what they do, how to work for them and what vacancies they have. After the presentations, the companies will answer further questions at stands in the lobby on the 2nd floor of Snellmania. So it's going to be interesting and effective networking. Serveri ry will provide coffee and snacks during the break. After the official part, the day will end with the Recruitment Luncheon, which is also expected to be attended by representatives of companies! This year, the sauna will be located just a stone's throw away from the University, in the even more familiar 7th Heaven. Read the up-to-date programme at **WHAT**: IT-REKRY 2024 **WHERE AND WHEN**: tues 23.1. from 12 to 5 pm at the University Snellmania and from 6 pm onwards at 7th Heaven at Microkatu 1A. **WHERE**: All those interested in working in the IT sector and IT gold seekers! **WHAT TO WEAR**: casual clothes

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LinkedIn-workshop by Milja Köps

Tuesday, January 16 at 05:30 PM

Come on Tuesday 16.1.24 at 17:30-19:00 to update your Linkkar for the IT recruitment at Ram's Confectionery! Serveri ry will provide a light dinner, and the main star of the evening Milja Köpsi (Mimmit Koodaa) will make sure that no one's Linkkari will be left cold or empty! Sign up on with the keyword #miljakopsi or via this [link]( today 8.1. from 18:00: NOTE! registration closes on 10.1. at 23:55 WHAT: LinkedIn workshop led by Milja Köps and food! WHERE: Ram's Confectionery, Shopping Centre Sektori, Puijonkatu 23, 70100 Kuopio, Finland WHEN: Tuesday 16.1.24 at 17:30-19:00 WHAT: for students of computer science (UEF) nothing! WHAT TO WEAR: casual clothes

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Thursday, December 7 at 06:00 PM

Life lasts a while, and that too is dark and sad... No more, because it's time for the annual Server Christmas Bug! This year's Joulubug will take place on Thursday 7 December at Luke's. The Server Elves have organised a variety of activities for the evening, so make sure you come along! In addition to other Christmas-themed activities, the Joulubug traditionally involves the selection of the half-yearly freshman, so we encourage freshmen to bring their freshman passports to the event to be checked. - **What**? Christmas Bug - **Where**? By reading, at University Beach - **When**? Thursday 7.12. from 18:00 - **What does it cost**? None - **What on**? Overalls and possibly something Christmasy

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Luonnonvalinta risteily

Thursday, November 30 at 12:00 PM

Save the Date!Hiihohoi and soon it will be time again to find out who survives the traditional natural selection cruise! 🛳️🚢 Also this year, After lecture is organising the traditional Christmas cruise for naturalists from 30 November to 1 December. As usual, our cruise ship is the M/S Baltic Princess, which makes evening sailings from Turku to Stockholm. In 2022, more than 2100 students of natural sciences from all over Finland took part in the cruise. The Natural Scientists' Christmas Cruise, which has been sailing for over 15 years, has established itself as a legendary bilingual cruise for Finnish natural scientists.

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Alumni Night

Saturday, November 25 at 05:00 PM

Server Association and Server Alumni invite you to join us for a joint alumni evening for students and graduates! Come and spend a relaxed evening in good company at Game Over on Saturday 25.11.23 at 17-20.00.The programme will include casual hanging out and playing games, so bring a cheerful spirit and get ready to enjoy the get-together. Personal refreshments are allowed at Game Over, so bring your own bottle if you like. We'll let you know later if there will be catering at the event. - **WHAT:** Alumni Night - **Where:** Game Over, H-house, 2nd floor Haapaniemenkatu 20 70110 Kuopio - **WHEN:** Saturday 25.11.2023 at 17-20 - **WHAT YOU WANT:** Nothing - **WHAT TO WEAR:** Clothes, if you want something from the Christmas season

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Museum tour

Thursday, November 23 at 12:00 PM

Kierretään museoita?

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Kuopio Academic Kyykkä

Tuesday, November 21 at 12:00 PM

!! NOTE the location of the event has changed to the Niirala gravel football field. Now it's happening! What? Well the squat is coming back to student life in Kuopio! What's a squat? Squat is a fun low-threshold game that requires no previous experience. In its simplicity, the game involves using squat sticks (cones) to throw wooden blocks (squats) away from the opposing team's territory. The Kuopio Academic Squat Tournament is played with teams of four (4) players. The duration of the games is approx. 30 min. There are 16 team places in the tournament, so be on the lookout for tickets when they go on sale on on 7.11. at 14.00. There will be music, good company, and sausages on site. So make sure you secure your place at the tournament and the after-party at Nousu, bring your friends to cheer your team on to victory and come and have fun in an interdisciplinary environment! If you don't get a team pass, this is still a great opportunity to get to know the sport. Kannattaa alkaa siis pikkuhiljaa grindomaan oloja kyykkätaitoja ja kerääamään csapat, sekä kannustustusjoukkoa kasaan, jotta you are ready when this tournament comes around again! The winning team will be rewarded with a team ticket to the World Squat Championships, which will be held in Tampere on 10.2.2024! At this iconic event, which attracts 5,000 visitors every year, only the fittest cone throwers get to compete against each other. For more information, visit []( - WHAT: Kuopio Academic Squat - WHERE: On the Niirala gravel football field and the continuation in Nousu - WHEN: 21.11. from 16:00 - WHY: The ease of the sport appeals and the prize tickles the fancy - WHAT TO WEAR: Overalls and plenty of warm clothing - WHAT: Team ticket (including extensions and overalls) €16, extension ticket €3

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Kinra x Serveri -sitsit

Wednesday, November 15 at 06:00 PM

The price for KINRA and Server members is €8. For non-members the price is €11. The ticket includes: a super cool jumpsuit badge, themed sitz food, three shots and a good mood + 1point! Sits start at 6pm sharp, latecomers will have to complete a small side quest. - **WHAT:** Academic Table Party Sits - **WHEN:** 15.11. at 18:00 - **WHERE:** Lukema, University Beach 3 - **WHAT TO WEAR:** Overalls, and outfits to match the theme - **What to bring:** OPM (Bring your own bottle) and OESM (Bring your own ES) - **WHY:** Because sitting and video games are the best

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Tuesday, November 14 at 06:00 PM

Save the date!Welcome to the regular autumn meeting of Serveri ry on Tuesday 14 November! Are you interested in becoming a board member or do you just want to have a say in the future board composition and hear about our beloved Serveri ry? Or perhaps you are just interested in free coffee/tea and possibly a sweet friend to go with it, i.e. connuts? 🍬 All Server members are more than welcome to attend, so come out in droves to make Server look like you! The agenda for the meeting will be emailed to members closer to the meeting. - **WHAT?** Server Association's regular autumn meeting - **WHERE?** E14, KPY Novapolis, Microkatu 1, Kuopio - **WHEN?** Tuesday 14.11.2023 at 18.00

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Savon Voima -excursion

Thursday, November 9 at 04:00 PM

Welcome to the first excursion of Serveri ry and Savon Voima! Our partner company, Savon Voima, will provide Serveri students with an evening in the 7th Heaven conference room. There will be an interesting programme, including a short company presentation about Savon Voima and an inspiring presentation from Savon Voima's business technology team. We will hear what the energy sector means from an IT perspective. The event will be relaxed and we hope students will have lots of questions in mind. This event is an opportunity to learn more about the energy sector and network with industry professionals. We will also provide delicious refreshments, most likely pizza and snacks. This event is aimed at students from second year upwards who are interested in hearing about employment opportunities for IT professionals in the energy sector. Registration opens on 27/10/23 at 20:00 via kide.App, link can be found on the information channel telegram. The event is free of charge, places are limited to the first 30 - **WHAT:** Server X Savon Voima excu + refreshments - **WHEN:** Thursday 9.11. at 16-19 - **WHERE:** Meeting room 7th Heaven, Microkatu 1A - **WHAT TO WEAR:** Clothes, overalls allowed

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Getting to know board activity -evening

Monday, November 6 at 06:00 PM

Have you always wanted to know what goes on in government? Perhaps you are interested in applying for a board position and want to know more about the different roles? Or do you just want to come and talk about government or meet fellow servers? On Monday 6.11. you have the opportunity to come and learn about the board and just hang out at Restaurant Malja! The board will be there from 18:00, so come and chat and spend the evening in a relaxed atmosphere! - **WHAT:** hanging out and getting to know the association's activities - **WHERE:** Restaurant Malja - **WHEN:** 6.11. at 18:00 - **WHAT:** The autumn meeting and election of the new board of directors is knocking at the door - **WHAT TO WEAR:** All you need is your usual clothes

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Freshers' revenge

Wednesday, November 1 at 05:30 PM

Welcome to the freshers' revenge, this year the theme of the revenge is kindergarten. So get in the mood by dressing up and heading towards University Beach. The vigilante tour will take place in groups of 3-5 people. You can form a group beforehand, but you can arrive without a group. We're sure to find a group for you there. All senior students of the server are welcome to join the retreat. After the vigil, the evening will continue with a reading session, where the best will be rewarded. The winners of the round and the best dressed. Points can be contributed by bribing the tickers. The elderly are expected to arrive at 17.30 at Lukema. The grid rounds will start at 18.00 at the latest. There will be a small snack bar at Lukema so we recommend to have a good meal before arriving or bring your own snack. To help us prepare in advance, please take a moment to answer the questionnaire below ❤️ []( - **WHAT:** Server Retaliation - **WHEN:** 1.11. at 17.30 - **WHERE:** University beach, meeting in front of Lukema - **WHAT TO WEAR:** Dress according to the theme

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Freshman Baptists

Thursday, October 26 at 05:30 PM

Exciting things to come, because it's about to be time for the freshers to reach perhaps the most significant milestone of their lives! To become full-blooded Servers, our new students will have to face various trials and tribulations and survive the demanding rituals devised by representatives of various subject organisations and clubs. Welcome to the dark side, this year the theme of the Baptisms is Halloween. 🧟👻🎃 So get in the mood by dressing up in the theme, gather your bones (and your mates) and head for University Beach. After the freshmen's tick-around, the evening continues with the continuation of the baptism at Luke's, where the baptism itself is performed, the best are awarded and all successful freshmen are welcomed to join our beloved Server family! Freshmen are expected to arrive at 5pm and Server seniors can come and watch the baptism at 8pm in the Lukema. - **WHAT**: Server's Freshers' Party - **WHEN**: 26 Oct at 5pm (seniors at 8pm) - **WHERE**: University beach, meeting in front of Lukema - **WHERE**: Baptism by Server - **WHAT TO WEAR**: Halloween-themed clothing or accessories For those who wish to participate in the baptisms, as well as the elderly, tickets have been reserved for the Approventure sequel to Lasku, where Jukka Poika will be performing. The ticket price is 8 euros for Servers and must be purchased in advance on [KideApp](

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ATK-YTP 2023 Joensuu

Wednesday, October 18 at 08:00 AM

*Ah shit, here we go again! ATK-YTP is coming to Joensuu!* What is ATK-YTP? The IT Cooperative Days, or ATK-YTP for short, will be held in Joensuu this fall from October 18th to 20th, 2023. This two-day seminar event, organized by TiTOL, annually brings together IT students from seven different university cities. This year, ATK-YTP is hosted by the Skripti ry, the student organization for computer science students at the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu. ATK-YTP offers IT students from all over Finland the opportunity to get to know each other and network with industry professionals in a fun way. The event features engaging lectures by several industry experts on the 18th and 19th of October, from 11 AM to 4 PM, in Lecture Hall C1 at the Joensuu campus, followed by evening networking activities. Additionally, TiTOL will hold its autumn general meeting during the event. The event follows the principles of a safe space: The cost of the event is 25 euros per person, with optional bus transportation fee organized by Serveri for those interested. So, change your jeans for coveralls and see you in Joensuu!

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Bingo Night

Tuesday, October 10 at 06:00 PM

🎯 Alright comrades, let's get the Serveri bingo season going! Forget about data structures and algorithms, writing a paper and other mind-boosting coursework for one night and come and play bingo at Bar Freetime. And it costs nothing! Great bingo prizes to be won! Grab this great offer and get your bingo on! WHAT: bingo WHERE: at Bar Freetime WHEN: Tue 10 Oct at 6pm WHY: A nice light activity to do while hanging out WHAT TO WEAR: Overalls if you have WHAT PARTICIPATION WILL PAY: Nothing

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Paintball Battle: Serveri x Hyeena!

Monday, October 2 at 05:00 PM

Welcome to have fun and compete between student organizations in a paintball battle! The match will take place at the Kuopio Adventure Center's old armory field on Monday, October 2nd, starting at 5 PM. The event will last for a total of one and a half hours. The participation fee for members of Serveri and Hyeena is €23, while non-members pay €30. The price includes a semi-automatic marker, overalls, protective gear, unlimited air refills, guidance, and 500 paintballs. Each student organization has a capacity of 15 fighters. STUDENTS OF HYEENA: A link for ticket purchase will be provided in advance to those who have pre-registered with Hyeena. STUDENTS OF SERVERI: Ticket sales start on September 19th at 2 PM in Kideapp. **WHAT**: Paintball Battle! **WHERE**: Old Armory **WHEN**: Monday, October 2nd, from 5 PM to 6:30 PM **COST**: 23€ for members, 30€ for non-members

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Risse jono

Monday, October 2 at 07:00 AM

Hiihohoi and soon it will be time again to find out who survives the traditional natural selection cruise! 🛳️🚢 Also this year, After lecture is organising the traditional Christmas cruise for naturalists from 30 November to 1 December. As usual, our cruise ship is the M/S Baltic Princess, which makes evening sailings from Turku to Stockholm. In 2022, more than 2100 students of natural sciences from all over Finland took part in the cruise. The Natural Scientists' Christmas Cruise, which has been sailing for over 15 years, has established itself as a legendary bilingual cruise for Finnish natural scientists. This year again, cabins are earned by queuing! The queue will take place in front of Lukema and the distribution of cabins will start on Monday 02.10.2023 at. 7:00. For the queue it is sufficient that one person per cabin arrives. Tickets will be sold by the cabin. In addition to the cabin, at least one meal must be chosen for the cruise. It is not allowed to leave the queue if you do not want to lose your place. The number of cabins on the cruise is as follows (Kulti, Hyena and Serveri quotas combined): - E3 x 3 -108€ - B2 x 6 -98€ - B3 x 5 -129€ - B4 x 12 -164€ - A2 x 4 -100€ - APRE (A2) x 4 100€ - A3 x 5 -138€ - A4 x 5 -176€ Meals: - breakfast -17€ - Buffet dinner -40€ - Buffet lunch -36€ *More detailed instructions on how to queue for cabins on the Christmas cruise.* ⬇️ The queue for cabins is in the immediate vicinity of Lukema. Cabin allocation starts on 02.10 at 7:00. The queue will work as follows: when you arrive, take your number from a plastic bag on the table in the "courtyard" of Lukema and at 7:00 a.m. the booking of cabins will start in the order of the numbers. ‼️Yksi person can only book one cabin and one person can only hold one number. One person will therefore book a cabin and meals for 1-3 cabin mates. No sleeping during ‼️Jonotuksen. It is also not allowed to leave the queue with a ticket to go home or anywhere else, but the queuers must stay in the immediate vicinity of Lukema. ‼️Jonottajat supervise each other. 👀 Registration is binding. TL;DR - What: rissejono - Where: at Lukema - When: 02.10.2022 at. 7:00 - Why: RISSE

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Wednesday, September 20 at 06:00 PM

Hi Barbie! 💖🎀 Hi Oppenheimer! ☢️💥 Onko suosikkivärisi pinkki? Haluaisitko asua Mojo Dojo Casa Housessa? Nautitko istumisesta kolme tuntia paikallaan? Nämä syksyn jysäyttävimmät sitsit ovat erityisesti fukseja varten, jotta he oppisivat sitsaamisen jalon taidon. Sitsit eivät sentään ole mitään ydinfysiikkaa! Sitsit ovat akateeminen pöytäjuhla, jossa korkeakouluopiskelijat kokoontuvat saman pöydän ääreen syömään, juomaan ja laulamaan juomalauluja. Sitseiltä ei saa myöhästyä! Myöhästyjille on luvassa leikkimieliset rangaistukset. Fuksisitseillä on tarkoituksena opetella yhdessä sitsaamaan, joten ei haittaa, vaikka säännöt eivät olisikaan vielä tuttuja. Omien juomien tuominen on erittäin suositeltavaa, sillä lipun hintaan kuuluu pelkästään kolme shottia (alkoholillinen/holiton). Sitseillä tarjotaan vain pientä syötävää, joten on tärkeä syödä hyvin ennen niitä. Jotta illan päätteeksi paikat eivät olisi kuin ydinpommin jäljiltä, muistutamme jokaista siivoamaan omat jälkensä. Sitsiliput tulevat myyntiin [KideAppissa]( maanantaina 11.9.2023 kello 14. Lipunmyynti sulkeutuu 18.9. vuorokauden vaihtuessa. Myös vanhemmat Serverit ovat tervetulleita sitseille! Fukseille on oma lippukiintiö. Tapahtumassa noudatetaan turvallisen tilan periaatteita. **MITÄ**? Serverin Barbenheimer-fuksisitsit **MISSÄ**? Lukemalla, Studentian kanssa samassa rakennuksessa, Yliopistonranta 15 **MILLOIN**? 20.9.2023 klo 18-22 **MITÄ MAKSAA**? Serverin jäsenet 10 € ja ei-jäsenet 12 € **MITÄ PÄÄLLE**? Jotain Barbenheimer-teemaan sopivaa, sekä tietenkin haalarit, jos sellaiset jo omistaa

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Monday, September 11 at 05:00 PM


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Campus Happening and City Orienteering

Thursday, September 7 at 05:00 PM

The Campus Happening (Kampusrysäys) starts the academic year of UEF’s students already for the tenth time. The event is held in Joensuu and Kuopio on Thursday 7.9.2023, on the same day as UEF’s Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year 2023–2024 in Joensuu. All students, new and continuing, and UEF staff are welcome to attend the Campus Happening! The event gathers our university community to celebrate the beginning of the academic year with live music and different activities. The Campus Happening works as a kick-off for the City Orienteering (Kaupunkisuunnistus), which begins right after the Happening. In the Orienteering, students will go around their campus city in groups and complete different kinds of tasks given to them at different orienteering points. The evening will end with an after party. The Campus Happening is organised by the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY). **The detailed programmes are [here](**

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Wednesday, September 6 at 06:00 PM


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Tuesday, September 5 at 05:00 PM


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Monday, September 4 at 06:00 PM


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Sunday, September 3 at 05:00 PM


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Wednesday, May 24 at 12:00 PM

The green courtyard of Innofactor's headquarters will be transformed into a festival area in May and on Wednesday 24 May it will be filled with students. Welcome to InnoFest! 🎉 Free for students and recent graduates, the event will feature competitions, food and drinks. There will be a DJ to get you in the mood, and Etta will be the headliner of the evening! During the evening you can also find out about career opportunities for students and recent graduates at Innofactor, as the second DigiStar application for the year opens on 24 May. At the event, you will be able to find out more about the DigiStars of previous years. Read more about the DigiStar programme at []( ⭐

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Wednesday, May 10 at 05:00 PM

Welcome to KuoSec Ry's annual information security event at the CoWork space in Novapolis, Microkatu. The SavoSec Security Event brings together security experts, students and business representatives to discuss recent developments in the security field. The event will provide an overview of the cybersecurity landscape from industry experts and increase understanding of cyber threat preparedness. You can also follow the presentations remotely. The event will feature talks by well-known security professionals Benjamin Särkkä, Aino Kivilahti and Juho Juopperi. They will speak in English and more detailed descriptions can be found on the event website. Please register by Friday 5 May to attend the event. The event is free of charge. The official venue for the event is the beer restaurant and wine bar Malja. Light snacks will be served at the event and during the after-event. Serving will be decided on the basis of registrations. More information []( Registration [MS forms]( Translated with (free version)

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Tour de Tux

Saturday, May 6 at 11:00 AM

Linux education? lisätietoa [](

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Sunday, April 30 at 03:00 PM

Was there still a Server of the Year among the Servers this year? Have you kept your face masks clean this year? Who is the Freshman of the Year? Who is the Server of the Year? These and many other great questions of life will be answered when you head to the Snellmania courtyard on 30 April at 15:00! In addition to the traditional diploma ceremony, there will also be the famous relaxed hanging out, not to mention a programme of various waboo activities. A reminder to freshmen, bring your freshman passports! So gather your bundles and your server and head towards the white-haired wabu people on Midsummer's Eve to spend an unforgettable wabu, it's fun! 🕺 Today's schedule: LoK's wabubrunssi @ Snellmania at 11am Winnahman's celebration @ Wellman's Day @ 2pm (you have to sign up here, link is in the bio and on the Server's information channel telegram). We will head to WabuDeBug immediately after the initiation and start at about 15:00 at 5 pm at the latest we will head towards the square and the ISYY pool event