Remember YTHS payment

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Released: Wednesday, May 31, 2023 at 7:20 PM

Students who are completing a degree and have registered as attending a traditional university or a university of applied sciences must pay a healthcare fee to Kela each term. The 2023 rate of the student healthcare fee is EUR 36.80 per term. Students can pay the fee starting now.

In 2023, the student healthcare fee in higher education is 36.80 euros per term. The fee for the whole calendar year, i.e. the spring and autumn term 2023, can be paid at the same time. Students are not billed for the fee but are expected to pay it on their own initiative.

The due date of payment is determined based on the date on which the student has registered as attending. For the spring term, the healthcare fee must be paid by 31 January at the latest, provided the student has registered as attending by then.

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