New Serveri ry website has now been launched!

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Released: Tuesday, June 13, 2023 at 5:08 PM

After a long wait, the new Serveri Ry website has now been launched!

Thank you

The pages are now published and I would like to thank first of all Jesper, who helped a lot with the project. Without Jesper the pages would not be ready for publication at the moment. Thanks also to Kalle, Amin and Taru for their great work and constructive feedback on the site. Thanks also to everyone else who gave up their time to help with the development of the site!

Story of the pages

After the course on Data Structures and Algorithms, the Server Ry administration had a big dilemma. There was an interest in coding, but there were no projects. When the LAP course started, the administrators realised that they would not even graduate with a bachelor's degree and had to find something to make money to drink beer civilised with overalls on. Thus, in the darkness of winter, we decided to start a project on web development to secure jobs before the student loan debt crisis, the AI revolution and summer. After a long guess as to what we were going to do, we heard someone talking about redesigning the Server website. This was the idea we had been looking for and we decided to go for it.

The admin had just coded up his first dumpster fire and the blood was therefore drawn to new, uncharted waters. The desire to learn new technologies was strong, so we decided to use the Vue/Nuxt.js combo already chosen by the previous sysadmin, Jimi Viita-Aho. This choice turned out to be the right one.

The project was progressing nicely and surprisingly quickly at first, until the maintenance manager became a sheep and (had to) take a day job. After that, the project slowed down so much that the pages were at least 3 months behind a reasonable schedule.

Fortunately, the site is now at least somewhat in order and development continues!


The site is implemented using modern technologies (too new).

The look and feel or frontend is implemented with the Vue 3/Nuxt.js 3 combination. It is a modern Javascript framework.

Content management is largely implemented using the Directus content management system.

Serveri Ry's servers are located in Hetzner's data centre in Tuusula.

Questions about technologies and technical solutions etc. can be addressed directly to the Serveri Ry maintenance manager, whose contact details can be found on the About site page.

Want to contribute to the development of the site?

Do you see problems with the website or would you like to contribute to its development? The source code for the website is open and available on GitHub and Codeberg. As with many other open source projects, the Issue section of the version control is used to submit bug reports, requests and suggestions for improvements. We trust that most students know how to use Git version control, and if you don't, learn, you'll probably need it in your professional life. However, if you are in the early stages of your studies and are not yet fully familiar with Git, you can ask the administrator for help, for example via telegram.

Contributing to the development of the site does not require the permission of the administrator or anyone else, you can make suggestions for changes directly by forking the project and making a Pull Request. However, before adding new features or writing any code at all, it is a good idea to create an issue so that we can discuss whether a change is necessary and how it should be implemented. This way we avoid simultaneous work and possible unnecessary changes.

If you are or have become interested in getting more deeply involved in the development of the Server Ry infrastructure, you can express this to the maintenance manager.

Here are also some resources to make participation as easy as possible:


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