Liikuntavuoro jatkuu taas 14.9.

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Released: Thursday, September 7, 2023 at 6:54 AM

Hello all old and new Servers!

The Socius & Server exercise class will start again on Thursday 14.9.2023! The shift will take place every Thursday at 17-18 in Block 2 at the Studentia. Each week's exercise will be agreed separately in the Servers & Socius Telegram group - join us all there and let's get moving together!

Link to Telegram group

You must always register for the session separately via the Sykettä exercise calendar, but the 14 September session is free of charge. In future, you will need to have a Sykettä sticker on either a physical card or a mobile version in order to join the shift.

More information: https://sykettä.fi/kuopio/fi

How to sign up for a shift: Log in, select Thursday in the calendar and click on our shift (Socius&Serveri -vakio/2) to register for the shift.